Plexico Ltd

We are completely devoted to making our clients successful. Our aim is to have a long term and mutually profitable partnership with our clients. We have worked with both large public companies and small local businesses. We have a good experience in SEO and have the tools and knowledge necessary to attain top rankings for your company.

We figure out what you need, how to reduce the cost, and increase your return on investment (ROI). Everything we do becomes a streamlined process, allowing us to provide professional marketing strategies at affordable prices.

We specialize in achieving the top placement on the three major search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

As the value of having a good search engine ranking, coupled with an excellent social media presence, becomes ever more crucial, we are committed to offering that superior quality of service that is both sustainable and measurable. We conduct effective keyword analysis, link sourcing and competitor research to ensure that all our clients stay ahead of the curve.

Our SEO specialists our seasoned experts who have evolved over the years to reach this point in their careers, our web designers are talented, professionally educated geeks with an eye for art and design.

We make your website relevant and visible to every search engine and their users. We ensure your website is found, read, and indexed in the most effective way. We partner with our clients to evolve their sites alongside their consumers. We see social problems and turn them into social change. The strategy, creativity, and technology we utilize deliver the ultimate digital experience. Optimizing search. Converting browsers into clients. Advancing your brand. And increasing the bottom line.

We take over the control of all E-commerce activity including:

- Assistance with getting payments online

- Seo optimization

- SMM marketing

- Email marketing

- Content marketing

- CPA marketing

- Site-targeted advertising for text/ banner/ rich-media ads.